Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses


Hellow lovely women… I m so sorry, I know m posting after a long time but i couldn’t help it, was busy in my office work, as my back now  believe me today’s post is very interesting, today’s blog is all regarding makeup tips but wait its for those ladies who wear specs a bit like me. Each lady desires to appear lovely however I actually have seen that few with glasses avoid doing makeup i don’t understand for what reason they are doing so. M a girl with glasses however i favor makeup and  i wear makeup even after I have my glasses on.

I do know the ladies with glasses generally feel that they do not ought to wear any makeup as they feel they appear sensible without it. Many ladies with glasses skip their makeup and also the reason is that they wear glasses. Rather than concealing yourself behind your glasses you ought to highlight yourself with a number of the simple tips that i will be able to providing you with. One issue that I even have detected is that they suppose if they’re not showing there eyes why ought to carry any makeup. Thus for all those lovely ladies with glasses m aiming to reveal some terribly simple makeup tips which will assist you look sensible.

I have specs too and my mum is frightened of lenses thus she do not permit me to wear lens. I got a decent pair of  black frames as i m office going lady and they look good on me. I continually wear makeup whenever I’m going out even if m carrying my glasses. I never skip it. I didn’t wished my glasses to possess a nasty impact on me.

I do makeup that basically looks sensible on me however i also wear minimal makeup whenever I’m going to my college i solely apply liner and a few concealer on my face. I wear  glasses 24/7 as a result of which i cannot see anything clearly without them. I wear them at my college, my tution, my office and even once I go out somewhere so it’s terribly necessary on behalf of me to appear sensible. I never do over makeup once I head to my college or tution i apply concealer to cover my blemishes and easy makeup and m able to go out.


WELL TRIM EYEBROWS : if you wear glasses your eyebrows become additional noticeable however it’s conjointly possible that generally your frame may cover your eyebrows. Thus select a frame that your eyebrows do not hide because they’re your real beauty.

Some glasses covers our eyebrows whereas some frame them superbly. Thus select showing wisdom. You would like to keep your eyebrows well-groomed forever. You can adopt any methodology like waxing or threading and you can even use tweezers.

Ensure they appear nicely cut and superbly formed. Your eyebrows speak a lot concerning you. If you have got any spot in your brow fill them in using eyebrow pencil however do not darken or outline them too dramatically because that will look awkward.

COMPLEMENT YOUR MAKEUP along with your FRAME : if your glass frame has warm undertone shade you can use warm undertone lipstick and eye shadow. This can complement your frame. Select a makeup that looks consistent with your frame.

The color of your eye shadow ought to match the color of your frame and your eyes too. If your frame is thick, bold and dark draw a thick line on your eyelids and use neutral eye shadow like beige and brown color. If your frame is rimless and pale then apply dark eye shadow and for ladies like me who wear black frame will wear eye shadow in shade of fuchsia.

HIGHLIGHT YOUR POUT : you can use additional refined lipstick shades and gloss for frames that are colorful and extremely distinct. If your frame is additional classic and unpretentious you can use bolder lipstick shades. If your glasses are slightly tinted  then you can use brighter shades so your lips do not look too pale in caparison to your face.

FOR THE LASHES AND LIDS : to create your eyes look larger and brighter you can curl them using eyebrow curler. To outline your eyes together with your eyeliner draw a thin line near the highest lash line it’ll look lovely.

If you like natural shade select colors like bronze, brown and gray rather then black. Currently for makeup girls are selecting the one with a small brush or non clumping formula so you don’t get clumps while applying it. This is often best for ladies with glasses.

USE LIQUID CONCEALER : you cannot apply too much cream base concealer below your eye it will make your face look cakey since it’s magnified below the glasses. Always apply liquid foundation below your eyes this can sit well on your complexion.

While you’re applying your makeup take your glasses on and off again and again so you’ll be able to make any changes according to your glasses and check the result. If you’re not happy by your makeup you can make any change before heading out.

Apply makeup that stays for long time even though you resolve your frame many time. Opt for frame according to the shape of your face and also the size of your eyes. If your face is sleek you can opt for oval framed glasses and if you have form face with medium to huge eyes opt for cat eye glasses.

So for all the attractive women with glasses persist and revel in your life with makeup. Be assured and be lovely, for any question comment me. See you soon buhbyeess…^_^

Things to do

Quick & Easy Fashion Fixes…

Hello lovelies.. this is a D.I.Y post. As you all understand i really love sharing no matter what i come across in my life related to fashion. Another superb article forced me to post concerning it. Times of India nation (Sunday times) has a tremendous collection of articles .Its an inspiring post and m progressing to assist you with some of your fashion issues that you just face in your  daily life. I can tell you some straightforward tricks that may assist you to mend the foremost common vogue issues. Suppose you’re dressed up for a celebration however you realize that your button has just fallen off or some toiletry stains are still visible on your garments and a lot of worse that you just have lost the screw of your jewelry that you needed to wear. What happens when your likely to throw out your garments and begin your seek for alternative garments and accessories however here are some straightforward D.I.Y tricks that may assist you in these reasonably state of affairs.


PROBLEM : Blister From New Shoes

When you get new shoes they will be robust to wear and infrequently end in painful blister. For obtaining obviate this drawback rub a toiletry stick on your feet particularly on the areas wherever you’re probably to develop blister. This can act as an lubricating substance which will be able to avoid the friction that’s reason behind blister.

PROBLEM : Toiletry Stains

This drawback is faced by each people. We have a tendency to use deodorants daily that causes stain. Rather than watching for the dry-cleaners to scrub them out for you, utilize a nylons to get rid of those unwanted stains. Simply rub the material on the world wherever you’ll see the mark of stain and you may see that it’ll vanish at intervals couple of minutes. The fiber of the nylons that you just rub against your cloth can assist you to induce it quickly.


PROBLEM : Wrinkled garments

We have a tendency to wear smoothed garments because we need to appear excellent however once your iron is broken what are you gonna do. You may opt for another dress that is smoothed already. Here I actually have a straightforward trick for you which can assist you to unravel your drawback. Spritz some water on your shirt suspend it on a hanger take your Blowdryer and steam the wrinkles out. Affirmative this could positively work. Hold the appliance an in far away from your dress and proceed. This trick work best on cotton garments.

PROBLEM : Lint On garments

Again and again you discover traces of lint affected to your jeans or sweater once it’s initiate from the appliance and you face a haul that point that you just haven’t got lint roller what are you going to do..? removing those lints by hand isn’t straightforward it’ll take plenty of your time. All you wish to try and do is spray an honest quantity on a clean cloth and  gently rub that cloth on your sweater or jeans that has lints. The viscousness of spray can develop the lints.


PROBLEM : Lost jewelry Back

This drawback is also faced by all people which to daily. We have a tendency to misplace the rear of our jewelry therefore we have a tendency to get hold of for alternative jewelry or take the rear of alternative jewelry however typically the rear of earrings are completely different that don’t solve your drawback. For this all you wish is that the eraser. Rip the implement far from the rear of your pencil break it into half and create a small hole within the implement before mistreatment it.

PROBLEM : Fallen Hem

For  managing hem in an emergency use a brief items of masking paper or adhesive tape to mend the fallen hem. The tape are going to be durable enough to stay your cloth in situation.


PROBLEM : Loose Buttons

Loose buttons will grow to be missing button anytime you never understand and this will be problematic some times. Use this trick to induce obviate loose buttons. All you wish may be a clear nail paint. Dab the highest of the button with a little quantity of clear nail enamel this can solve your drawback and can stop your button from declension.

OTHER TRICKS : you will see some scrapes or cuts in your animal skin boot or bag to unravel this drawback use a permanent marker that’s of a similar color as your animal skin item and color the scrape or cut in order that it’s not visible or not simply noticeable. You see that value sticker affected to the things that we have a tendency to get and that we cannot get obviate them terribly simply. Therefore for this drawback use your hair drier for roughly thirty seconds over the sticker and you may able to peel it off simply. If you get a tear in your stockings that happens most frequently and you wish to forestall it from obtaining a lot of larger apply some toilet article on that. Once your toilet article can dry out your nylon can stick in situation and wont run any longer. These are number of the terribly fast fixes which is able to assist you. Therefore if you face any of the on top of issues seek these answer. Comment below for any question and share your views with me. See you pretty soon buhbyeeessss….^_^

By : Shady


How to Reduce Bloating

Hellooow guys…. thus during this post i’ll tell you the you will be able to scale back bloating. What precisely is bloating.? This could be the question that will arise in your mind as shortly as you hear the word BLOATING. It’s any abnormal swelling within the abdominal space and that i m planning to tell you the way to scale back it. As we tend to undergo i’ll show you why bloating happens…


1) Overeating : eat on a smaller plate it will trick your mind and you would suppose that you simply ate a plate choked with food.
2) Eating Too Quick : do not eat too quick, chew slower because it takes twenty minutes for a special signal to achieve your brain telling you to decrease your appetite thus if you eat quick your brain might imagine you’re hungry instead try to eat slower.
3) Bad DIET Plan : you must avoid drinking an excessive amount of coke and alternative effervescent merchandise as they will not assist you. The air bubbles in such effervescent drinks result in bloating rather than soda strive Green Tea. Tea could be a powerful drink that purify your blood and  helps scale back bloating.
4) Avoid Eating OILY Food : you must avoid eating chips and other potato chips or something cooked. Strive  not to eat an excessive amount of these stuff instead snack healthier.
5) Avoid Eating Carbs : avoid eating carbs instead strive brown bread, rice, whole wheat grains etc. If you would like to eat foodstuff strive low sodium instead do not eat an excessive amount of sodium.
6) Avoid Eating An Excessive amount of Dairy Food : avoid Eating an excessive amount of Dairy Food everyday. It’s conjointly dangerous for your health. If you like your dairy food you’ve got begin avoiding it and check out probiotic food instead it will increase the no. of excellent bacteria in your body.
7) Smart Diet : smart diet set up helps scale back bloating. Certify you drink tons and much of water everyday. a glass an hour keeps the doctor away. you’ll conjointly strive lemon water.
8) Avoid Sweetener : strive to not eat an excessive amount of sweetener. Avoid it because it isn’t smart for your health instead. Use desert plant Nectar that incorporates a natural sweet style. Asparagus incorporates a property of flushing fluids, detoxification and cleansing.
9) Green Tea : peppermint tea helps reposeful your muscles. It conjointly relaxes your organic process track and if you’re not a lover of ingestion salads and fruits attempt to drink juice. Your skin can sure as shooting thanks. Its my favorite means of obtaining nutrients in my body. You’ll conjointly provides it a strive.
so try the following pointers that i recommended you i m positive they’ll assist you scale back bloating. I even have suffered from bloating and that i m seeing such a lot modification when i adopted the following methods. Thus better of luck. For any question comment. Pine Tree State. see you shortly. buhbyyyess…..^_^

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Transform Yourself With Yoga


Helloww folks… in my progress m reaching to discuss  about yoga. Let Pine Tree State tell you honestly i used to be terribly skinny and my weight was solely forty and my height was additionally transient, it had been only 5’1 i desired to realize very little weight and height but i used to be not obtaining any answer. I attempted several supermolecule drinks but they did not labored on my body thus a choice to shift towards yoga i saw several videos on you tube i accustomed be thus greatly stirred up by them that i came to a decision of starting it. I selected a typical yoga hobbies that’s wonderful for my physique as a beginner which is able to expand my height and eudaemonia. You’ll be able to opt for that you like is appropriate for you, that is great for your physique, several tutorials square measure offered on web. I selected from there only. From last one year m doing yoga. I even have introduced it in my daily schedule. After I come to life inside the morning i drink a pitcher of water and follow my yoga routine. I accustomed be entrant thus i did not force my physique too powerful which i started from common routine. As i’ve got into the habit of doing it i m moving nearer to some difficult poses. Currently i everyday do yoga for atleast twenty minutes prior reaching to faculty. My weight has elevated from forty to fifty 2 currently and my peak has accelerated to 5’4. I by now suggests that i dont miss my earlier movements. Repeatedly once i might no longer sleep in the dead of night i do yoga for ten minutes. Currently yoga may be a part of my life i cannot forestall it. It makes Pine Tree State feel up to date and alive. I learned from somewhere that if you would like to gain weight you need to eat contemporary and healthy food however you wish to carry the quantity of food you consume it’s reaching to support to attain weight however follow an exercise or yoga events so as to support you to stay match and detain form not withstanding you achieve weight. I’ll be able to say you may extremely build up or maintain your physique with yoga. I continually see new videos so as that i will get a novel create for my physique. I m a yoga addict currently i cannot leave my condominium with out doing it. I begin my day with yoga and infrequently end it with yoga too. On weekends i put off half hour from my calendar for yoga. You have got ought to build it a district of your daily activities. the advantages of yoga square measure simple : abundant less stress, further power and poise. You think about thus recent that you simply might pull out the relief of your day merely. It helps strengthen your skin and also the apprehensive approach. Keep a watch on the float of blood on your body. It makes insecurities and dangerous emotions disappear out of your lifestyles. Yoga isn’t concerning rigid, bendy rules. Merely put off five minutes to stretch prior obtaining out of your bed. It’ll assist you feel cozy at your work.

Key Rules Of Yoga : begin by manner of doing yoga doubly per week to induce right into a swing dont force your physique to try and do an excessive amount by manner of doing on the full. Stretch your body a trifle once you come to life. Twist your body slightly up and down but take care do not hurt your self. The pleasant issue concerning yoga is you’ll be able to jazz in snug t-shirts, tank tops, unfastened pants and shorts. Get into the avatar that creates you think about cozy.

5 Errors Yoga Rookies Build : dont be rough on yourself take time to attach along with your physique. A final create for a personal is maybe not the excellent one for you thus realize a relaxed position for yourself. Aren’t getting anxious with extreme food plans. Discover what works for you (vegetarian or a meaty weight loss plan). Dont believe in an excessive quantity of flexibility. Dont push your muscular tissues too powerful go handy. Do not exchange your life or it slow table hugely. Build sluggish alterations with meditation. Continuity is that the key to success.


Protection is our 1st precedence. No one desires to induce bruised at identical time doing this. Thus merely breath whereas you begin. Quarter-hour of observation each day will build a major modification and may have a sway in your existence. You’re ready to do ten minutes inside the morning and five minutes in the dead of night time. You suppose pleasant if you have got excellent body. Transfer recognition to our addiction, helpful and non-useful is the first step within the direction of actual transformation. Being alert can aid you avoid any physical hurt for the amount of yoga. Humans get bruised typically if they struggle too rough to be final in their create. Begin slowly . Do not mixture your body too rough to induce into a wonderful creation. Being match isn’t solely bodily healthy but there ought to be mind-soul association. “Meditation may be a culture no longer solely an element that you merely do on mat” explicit Tara stiles. Stress, feelings and greed will have a foul and have a sway on our life and that they square measure the principle why you reap weight. Moving toward our food weight-reduction set up choose what quantity and what to devour. Realize quality and up to date components that square measure wonderful for your body. Fruits, veggies and grains should be a part of our food plan. Yoga aid to shrink weight through dominant our cravings and additionally support U.S.A. build healthier food choices. Begin your day with a inexperienced smoothie with bananas, spinach and almond milk motive that’s sensible in your intellect and physique. Munch on organic dark greens, contemporary fruit juices and haywire. Avert an excessive amount of consumption of caffeine (tea and coffee). Begin intense inexperienced tea. Food like chocolate and deep-fried junk meals square measure sufferable by suggests that of your physique for people who consume them a number of times per week. But having them most frequently will trigger a terrible have an effect on on your body. Eat higher to think about higher. If you eat correct you may have nice interaction with folks you may meet and you will suppose up to date all day. Yoga has remodeled my life and helped me prove to be strong and in a very position. I think about far more centered on my studies currently. I think about energetic in my tuition. It created my existence. Currently i m a lot of spirited in my daily life. It’s reaching to alternate your life too merely giving it an effort is all you wish to try and do. You most likely have any question comment Pine Tree State. Waiting to your replies. See you before long buhbyeess…^_^

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Skin care

Your Dark Circles Bother You…?

In a protracted time i m posting one thing concerning care. Today during this post i m getting to tell you terribly straightforward homespun remedies to get rid of your dark circles. I do know we tend to all desire a stunning face. However no one is born good. So we try many methods to get rid of thing that we don’t want on our face. We all know that beauty of every face is eyes but those beautiful eyes have additional dark circles too which makes us looks ugly. Who don’t want to look beautiful. Obviously we all want beautiful eyes but for this we should take out a little time for ourselves so that we can pamper ourselves. I have dark circles too and they are very dark i don’t like them and i do everything just to get rid of them. Wearing makeup all the time is not a good option. So we should try something natural that is good for our skin too. I have been trying many things just to get rid of these ugly dark circles and i saw they are really giving me good results. The blackness and the area is gradually decreasing on my face. These natural tips were worth to try. I tried all of these one by one in a gap of a month or 2. I also wanted to know that which of these is best for me or any other girl and i found out that all of these natural tips are working properly and are also giving equally good results.


So now i will  tell you all those natural homemade tips which will help you a lot. Without wasting anymore time lets get started.

  1. FIRST tip is to drink lots and lots of water. Water keeps your body hydrated and also help you to lower down the stress level.
  2. SECOND tips is very very essential for all of us take ample sleep at night, that means take a proper 8 hours sleep because it is very necessary for us to give rest to our eyes. The more they will rest the more beautiful and relaxed eyes you will have.
  3. NEXT you can use cucumber. These are best for your eyes. Place cold cucumber slices over your closed eyes for about 10-15 minutes. Cold cucumber relaxes your eyes.
  4. NEXT you can use metal spoons. Place two metal spoons in your fridge. Check them out after few minutes. Now place these cold spoons on your eyes for 15-20 minutes.
  5. NEXT is potatoes they are also good for our eyes. Take 2 potatoes slices put them in fridge when they get cold place these two slices on your closed eyes. Remove them after 15-20 minutes.
  6. NEXT is almond oil. Apply a small amount of almond oil over dark circles before going to bed. Wash it off with cold water in the morning. This tip will really help you a lot.
  7. NEXT is mint leaves. Take few mint leaves crush them and apply them over dark circles for 10-15 minutes. Wipe off with clean and damp cloth.
  8. NEXT is cold tea bags. Whenever you drink green tea don’t throw all the tea bags, put them in refrigerator and let them cool. Now take them out and put these cold tea bag over your closed eyes. You can place them for as long as you want.
  9. NEXT is frozen vegetable wrapped in a towel. Wrap frozen vegetables bag in clean towel. Lay on closed eyes for 10-15 minutes.
  10. NEXT is rose water. Take two cotton balls soaked in rose water and apply over eyelids for 10 minutes. You do not have to rinse afterwards. NEXT tip is a general tip eat healthy food that is good for your health. Nutrients deficiency may contribute to dark circles.

So girls i have given you many easy and natural tips that will help you to remove dark circles in few days. Try them out and tell me did they worked for you or not. Feel Comfortable in sharing your views. Waiting for you replies. For any query comment below. See you soon buhbyees….^_^

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Can’t Sleep Early At Night… Here’s The Solution


Hellow everybody…lately I even have stricken by this drawback of not sleeping early at night time and I m powerless to search out the explanation behind it. It’s bothering me such a lot and I m getting irritated by this. I too need a correct sleep in order that i will awaken early within the morning. Recently i went through a piece on Sunday Times of Times of India and there was an amazing article on how you can sleep early at night time. I attempt to bear it and apply those issue in my life and currently as they helped me i will love to share them with you guys. This can be for all those folks that face an equivalent drawback as me. Once you get correct sleep you are feeling contemporary, healthy and assured however once you do not sleep properly in the dark you get irritated and stressed. You can’t even think about belongings you do. So it’s terribly necessary for all of us to own a correct sleep. I found that a lot of individuals face this drawback because the work load and pressure has increased on their shoulders, you can’t sleep in the dark owing to tension. I surveyed through several sites, blogs and you tube videos simply to seek out the ways that during which you’ll be able to sleep properly in the dark. I actually have a habit of sleeping late in the dark and that i apprehend that this is often not smart in any respect. I actually have saggy eyes and dark circles. I do know that I actually have this simply because i cannot sleep properly in the dark. I consider the clock and also the time passes however i cannot sleep. This is the largest drawback that i m facing currently in my life. I need to sleep and rouse early within the morning however I m ineffectual to try therefore. The work load and tension I m having currently bounds me from doing  this. However there are few tips that i m following in my daily schedule to sleep early in the dark. I’d like to share the following tips with you. M so happy that currently I m able to sleep early yayee….just follow the guidelines that m supplying you with and you’ll be able to look lovely and assured once more. Assume that it’s late, simply because of our mentality we have a tendency to aren’t able to sleep. No do not consider the clock and assume that it’s not delayed and you’ve got many time left. Create a target that you just ought to sleep anyhow at 11:00 than solely you’ll be able to sleep until 12:00. Attempt to provide reasons to yourself that if you’ll stay awaken early what issues you’ll face like dangerous health, hair-fall, bad skin, dark circles etc. You need to have 8 hours of sleep. Deduct 8 hours from your schedule to determine the time at which you need to wake up in the morning this will help you to sleep early. Try to pamper yourself before sleeping. Give yourself a shower (cold bath) that helps you feel calm. When you start feeling tired and sleepy don’t force yourself to stay awake grab your pillow and sleep. Make a strict schedule and take a particular bedtime at which you will sleep anyhow.This schedule will really really help you a lot. You have to do this for 2 or 3 week then only you will get into the habit of this schedule. Reward yourself with something when you do as your schedule go for a movie or out with friend. Go out for shopping and feel good. Avoid taking laptop, tablet and cell phones once you come to your bed because these things distracts your mind. Don’t force yourself for sleep just lie on bed and read a novel or a book until you  feel tired and sleepy. When you come to your bed for sleep turn off all the lights as the brightness may distracts your mind. You can also do meditation and exercise in order to relax your body. I follow these tip regularly and it is really helpful. Avoid drinking tea, coffee and alcohol during evening and night time. These drinks contains nicotine which prevents you from sleeping. Lastly have a proper diet and eat healthy food. Drink lots and lots of water. Drink a cup of milk daily. These are very easy tips that you can follow for a proper sleep. I have tried these and i would recommend you to try these tips too. If they serve helpful to you share with me. You can comment below for any query. See you soon buhbyeesss..^_^

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