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How to Stop Being Messy & Lazy

Oh my gosh the weather has certainly got mad in my city. It’s Like someday hot and someday cold. When I m out I can feel my skin burn under the sun but the moment I m  home my skin and lips get dry as hell. But keeping all those things aside I m all focussed on sharing some tips on “How to Stop Being Lazy” under today’s’ #MyLifeMonday section. I m still pretty much working on this one but I do want to share few tips that have helped me save my ass and get my shit together in time. Before we start I have a question for you all.

What do you mean by “Staying Focussed”?

The answer most probably is not being distracted or having a workflow. or when everything seems to fall together instead of falling apart. Well for me “Staying Focussed” means when you’re in the moment you don’t even notice how the time flies by because you are so immersed in what you are doing, the creativity is flowing inside out. Basically, you’re set on fire to achieve your goals.

Below are few tips that have helped me not be lazy or messy and feel productive most of the time:

Time Managment: So my first tip for you all is “Time Managment”. You have to set time for not all but few things to stay organized and not be lazy. Just plan your day according to time in advance, like what work or project you will be focussing on, when will you take a break and start again. For eg say for 2 hours around 4 pm I will be focusing on this piece of work muting everything around me. This way you can mentally prepare yourself for the work you are going to do plus you are not gonna feel stressed out easily. If you will not plan what need to be done at what time, your mind will get surrounded by way too many tasks and you won’t be able to complete one. Scheduling your time will help you know that you have enough time to complete all your work by the end of the day and it will get down your anxiety and stress level to get back to your business again.

Value Your Tasks: When I have lots of things to do on my lists I like to find value in each task that I m going to do. It means to know and understand what is that thing about that work which is motivating you to get it done. If you’re feeling too lazy to go to the gym, wear your clothes and think about the after effects of going to the gym now (eg you will be fitter and healthier) you would get rewards for sticking to this thing now and will be thanking yourself later. So just try and find at least one motivating thing in that task that can make you get up and do it.

Keep Your Head Clear: It’s very important to clear your head before you sit down to focus on something new. When you’re focusing on one thing you should not think about anything else like what is about to happen 2 days later on that project or whatever. Focus on now, go to a gym or local park for a quick walk to just clear your head of all thoughts going on in your mind and get out those stress hormones too. It’s all about clearing your mind before you sit down to work. Maybe you can’t always do that but you can always meditate for at least 5 minutes at the same place your sitting for a peace of mind and body. There is one thing that has changed my life when I feel lazy or start procrastinating I would go out for a quick walk to clear my head, this way I can get back to work easily, on time and feel productive again.

Stay Positive, Stay Focussed: Talk about good feelings when you achieve something. When I decide to do my workout even though I m dying and my muscles hurt or I m sweating I keep going because it feels soo good later. All you have to do is keep reminding yourself of all those great feelings you got to achieve later. All those positive energies you will get when you will put your entire heart and time into your work. You just have to focus on the way that completing tasks makes you feel. There is something really satisfying and relaxing once I get over with my entire to-do list. Always concentrate on the good feelings you get from achieving something it will help you stay positive forever.

To-Do List: As you guys know I m a to-do list freak, also I had shared it on my Instagram page and in most of my motivational blog posts. My list is always always close to me. Preparing To do list is my absolute favorite thing, why because I can get everything out, visualize and see what things I have to do. Another good thing about to-do list is when you have a really large set of tasks that are extremely urgent and overwhelming you can break it down into smaller tasks and that’s why I like to use my todo list often. Smaller tasks seem more achievable and you will most likely start working on it.

Get Rid of Your phone: When you start to work or you’re just trying to be focussed put everything on mute by everything I mean everything your phone, tv, computer, family everything that can distract you. Focus 100% on what you’re doing to see the proper results. I have not shared this with many people but it’s been a year or something since I haven’t used a cell phone. Its a very long story but the positive results are I feel much more active and productive now than I was before. I do not easily get distracted because I don’t have a phone. Well, I m not asking you to get rid of your phone forever or a year but what I m saying is just put it aside when you’re trying to focus on your work.

Eat and Get Going: You need to stay physically prepared all the time. It’s very important to eat healthily and get your body going. If not a proper workout routine just stretches your body or walk for 10 minutes between work gap. Move around your body to not feel lazy. Always have something on your hand to eat like a fruit bowl or your favorite healthy smoothie something that will energize you to work more. When you will eat everything light and fresh you will have more energy to float through all your tasks rather than smashing through them. Eating light and healthy will help you feel more productive plus you will get more work done that day due to your high energy level.

Follow a Ritual: Following a ritual has been an important part of my life. Have something next to you that can motivate you to stay focused. For me, I like to have a cup of green tea or latte, a bottle of water, my to-do list, some old good songs playing, be in my comfiest clothes blah blah around me whenever I m working. It can be different for different people for some they cannot be too comfy while working or staying focused they like to sit up straight while working so suit yourself. It’s just important to get to know yourself to realize what all things you want around you to stay focussed. All this can trigger you to be in your most productive mode. Time and surrounding do matter too. There are a few thing which I need to complete in the daylight and some which I like to work on during night hours.

Train Your Mind and Body: I think when it comes to stop being lazy all we need to do is training our mind and body into thinking that doing things is actually what we want. It’s all about tricking yourself, basically just reminding yourself continuously that this is going to be good for you and make your day more productive. Switch your thinking and shut all negative thoughts. Get surrounded by all positive vibes. Instead of saying I can’t do this say I can do this and then upgrade from I can do this to I will do this and sooner you reach to I have completed this. It’s all about switching from words like I hope and I think to I know and I will because there is nothing impossible in this world for you. You will get all things done, just get into that “I CAN DO IT” attitude.

Don’t Work Late Night: There was a time when I was too obsessed with working late night while everybody else in my family was asleep. I still work at night but not too late though. It is for me that I can concentrate best at night because there is nothing around that could bother or stress me out at night but when we talk about biology on how our minds work its like we are most active under light and we get tired when it is dark. So I guess it’s better to have a stress free nights so that you can wake up fresh and happy the next day. One more thing that I like to do when I know that I have a big day ahead of me is to make sure that I get a good night sleep. Ever since I got the kittens they both wake me up a number of times while sleeping. My sleeping pattern is so badly messed up right now because they keep jumping around the entire house in the middle of the night. Things have been very different for me lately and I have not been having the best sleep of my life from the last couple of months. But I m trying really hard to get a good night sleep and thank goodness I have managed to get a few. I feel so happy and energized the next day plus I feel I can get more things done than usuals.

Thank you guys for reading this post. Tell me your best tips on how to stop being lazy and staying focused in the comment box below. I would love to know all of your tips and implement them in my life. Will be back with a super amazing post-XOXO


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